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ZZ Plant

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A houseplant classic, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, commonly referred to as the ZZ plant, is incredibly adaptable. It can survive in low light, and requires little water. 

Plant comes in 4" nursery pot.

This photo is not necessarily the exact plant you will receive. It will be the same type of plant and the same size. 

ZZ care
🌤 ZZs adaptable, and can grow in low light conditions as well as bright indirect light. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves. 

💧 Water infrequently, when the soil is completely dry. ZZs are tuberous, meaning they store water in their tubers. A plant placed in a dark location will require less water than a plant in a brighter location. The leaves will turn yellow if the plant is over-watered, or crisp and turn brown if it is under-watered.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about caring for your ZZ plant!