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Tradescantia nanouk

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This Tradescantia mundula variegata 'Tricolor' is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant. It grows quickly and can trail off of a shelf or in a hanging basket. It has striking lilac and green variegated leaves, and purple stems. 

This photo is not necessarily the exact plant you will receive. It will be the same type of plant and the same size. 

Plant comes in 4" nursery pot. 

Tradescantia care
  Tradescantia grow best in bright, indirect light. It can grow in darker conditions, but the purple stripes may fade. 

💧 Water when the top inch of the soil is dry. This plant is forgiving if you miss a watering. 

🌱 As the plant grows, it can be trimmed, and the trimmings can be propagated into new plants!

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about caring for your Tradescantia.