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Snow marble queen pothos

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A highly variegated marble queen pothos. 

Plant comes in a 4" nursery plot. Plant shown here in our teal planter.

This photo is not necessarily the exact plant you will receive. It will be the same type of plant and the same size. 

Pothos care
🌤 Pothos are adaptable, and can grow in low to bright indirect light. To maintain high variegation, place in a bright location. 

💧 Water when the top inch of soil is dry, about once every week or two. The leaves and stems of the plant will droop when it's thirsty, and perk up after it has been watered. Pothos enjoy humidity, and will enjoy occasional misting on its aerial roots. 

🌱 This plant will trail as it grows. It will look great on a shelf, desk, or hanging basket. When the plant gets too long, cuttings can be made to propagate new plants!

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about caring for your pothos.