Our brass gooseneck watering cans are back in stock! These are delightful to use and add more joy to watering your plants. They're the perfect gift for the plant people in your life. 

Have you checked out our Valentine's day collection?

Here we're highlighting a ficus elastica rubysnow marble queen pothos, and handmade in Massachusetts unicorn stripe and speckled pink planters. 

valentine's day specials

We have a limited number of Stay Gold art prints by local MA artist Jaimee Cooke.

Shop our newly stocked flamingo planters.

Check out our newly stocked planters, handmade in Northampton, MA, and the plants we currently have in stock.

We've also added lots of new stationary: greeting cards (some of which are plantable!), notebooks, and more

Check out Violence in Boston, an organization working to create safer, healthier, and empowered black and brown communities in Boston.